“The Cheap Seats” from the Ecomm Sports Network

The Cheap Seats from the Ecomm Sports Network ESN

Episode 1 (1/4/20)
Featuring Zach Arns from ESPN Arkansas


Episode 2 (1/11/20)
First Playoff Edition of The Cheap Seats


Episode 3 (1/18/20)
Second Playoff Episode of The Cheap Seats,
MLB Cheating Scandal, and much more!


Episode 4 (1/25/20)
Third Playoff Episode of The Cheap Seats,
KC Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl, Saints PR issues, and much more!


Episode 5 (2/1/20)
Fourth Playoff Episode of The Cheap Seats
The KC Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl, AB apologizes to Hollywood PD, Tribute to Kobe Bryant, plus some more!


Episode 6 (2/8/20)
The Chiefs are Super Bowl Champions!
Dylan Welch with MRN, the voice of the Indy-car Series also joins the show!


Episode 7 (2/15/20)

Daytona 500 edition of  “The Cheap Seats” Dylan Welch with the Motor Racing Network and Mark Jaynes, voice of the Indy-Car Series join the show!


Episode 8 (2/22/20)

Mark Jaynes with the Indy-Car Series joins us again, plus Athletic Director of Mammoth Spring joins the show and we preview local teams playoff hopes!


Episode 9 (2/29/20)

Error in recording, still caught up with Randy Rainwater!


Episode 10 (3/7/20)

Voice of the Indy-Car Series joins the show, can Mizzou somehow win out in the SEC Tournament, will the Razorbacks make”The Big Dance”, and much more!


Episode 11 (3/14/20)

The sports world is in an actual standstill. Were these sports events in June getting cancelled a little to cautious? We talk to voice of the Indy-Car series about what is going on with COVID-19, and much more!


Episode 12 (3/29/20)

Talking to Mark Jaynes, plus a little bit more about NFL Free Agency!



Episode 4/27
We talked to the Missouri Hall of Famer Steve Ary and Former Arkansas Razorback Quarterback Ryan Mallett!


Episode 5/3

Arkansas Razorbacks Men’s Basketball Coach Eric Musselman Joins the Show!