COVID 19 Cases Are Being Reported Locally In Arkansas & Missouri


Earlier we reported about confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Carter, Texas and Wright Counties and we are now getting more information on theses cases. The Carter County case, is being treated at the Mercy St Francis hospital in Mountain View. All the patients co-workers have been notified. The case in Texas County was a person who has been staying in another state. This person has not been in the county for several weeks. The person’s test results were sent to the county the person is currently in. In Wright County the person was reportedly from the Mansfield area.


The number of COVID 19 cases continues to grow daily throughout the U.S. On Wednesday there were more than 69,000 cases with 1,050 deaths in the United States. In Missouri there were 356 cases with 8 deaths. Locally there is now one confirmed case each in, Carter, Texas and Wright Counties . Green county is reporting 23 cases. The Howell County Health Department was reporting Wednesday that they have tested 73 people with 42 negative results and 31 cases pending results. In Arkansas Wednesday they reported 308 cases with two deaths and locally there were two cases in Independence County and one each in Stone and Lawrence Counties.

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